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Company Profile

IT's been more than Two Decades...

...and HERITAGE COMPUTER's still growing. The group started in 1989, with just Software development as part of its product portfolio. With growing needs of the industry, and client requirement, HERITAGE branched of into various other streams of IT, namely - Hardware Maintenance, Chip-level repairs of various computer components etc. Then came networking, in a major way, in the year 1993-94, and thus broadened the HERITAGE portfolio.

Vission & Misson

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and streamlined IT services to small, medium and large size businesses. We have developed a system for offering many different types of IT related solutions and services that are exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of any company.

Company Synopsis


Being the oldest TCS has more experience of the service industry and thus has easily molded the most unorganized segment like E-Security(CCTV, Intrusion Alarm, etc.) & Office Automation into the most meticulously managed segment of the flagship concern – HCPL.

A few words about Our Service Synopsis

1.Network Designing
2.Server Planning & Installation
3.DATA Backup Solutions
4.USER Monitoring Solution
5.MAIL Security feature
6.THREAT Management

1. A most disastrous start to any new IT setup Can be its unplanned Networking .Designing A network is always done as per the sitting Plan of any office area .In actual designing Involves cable routing, placement of switches Distribution points, and most important-future Development of IT.

2. Server is the backbone of a medium and big size network environment. `Latest’ is no measuring unit for buying a server . Number of users, type of data, type of securities, distribution pattern of data, branch synchronization, and space For Installation, are some factors kept in mind before deciding an appropriate server.

3. Scheduling data backup, mirroring Of hard-disk are the drop-of-the-hat solutions given by any `IT Expert’. whilst deciding a most appropriate backup procedure, the structure of IT should be given the utmost important In case of a weak structure, reliance on Additional data storage hardware like NAS, should always be adhered.

4. Ever given a thought as to what the user Do behind their’s employer’s back?! Well, they hardly work or they work hard is something fear works better than motivation, thus most servers are prepared with the user monitoring solutions working in background, which reveal all user activity when asked for

5. One of the most vulnerable service of any office environment be it small or big. Mails have become a life-line of any business. It is always good to have a security which ensures proper backup of ones mails, keeps vigilance on mail activity, enable remote distance mail security, centralizes all mails and keeps a smooth inflow and outflow of the same.

6. THREAT Management With increasing IT bases, incidents of exploitation of IT structures have also increased. Threat management audits are call of the day, as they help ensure that no outsider is creeping inside ones network, the data is not being stolen, no authorized user is sitting on ones wi-fi network, and sensitive data like Client bases are not becoming a public property.

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